The wall of kindness

the beauty of a country is determined by its people. the wall of kindness is the living and breathing proof of the iranians kind and warm heart.

It’s been a quite some time since every once and a while you can spot a corner of a street or a valley with the name of wall of “kindness written" on it.

It all started with a simple but insightful idea and it grew with the warm and giving spirit of the people. A way for the poor and homeless to get what they need without any shame and for the people to help the ones in need in the most possible touching way.

The idea is marking a location and leaving the thing that you don’t need any more or simply want to give away to charity and allowing the poor and homeless to take them. These things can be anything; from the jacket that doesn’t fit you anymore or you don’t need, to the simplest toy that your children have gotten bored of.

The originality of the idea is unknown. But what we are sure of is that it caught on really fast and people all around the country are doing it. In the southern city of Shiraz’s Ghadamgah Street, a few coats, jackets and a pair of jeans are hung on the hooks of a wall of kindness painted blue. In Kermanshah, in the west of the country, a wall full of women’s clothes has been covered with plastic to protect them from rain, and beneath the clothes is a shelf of shoes. In the eastern town of Birjand, a young girl wearing worn-out shoes
returns smiling with a new pair, albeit second-hand.

These days it has spread to other types as well. People are donating books in libraries and bread and food in the local store and etc.

It certainly has gotten people closer to one another and has made the streets a bit warmer than it was before.

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